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The Importance of Wellness Care for Pets

To establish your pet’s normal baseline health levels and detect conditions in their early stages—when they are easier to manage—veterinary wellness visits are necessary. Our Palm City Animal Medical Center team wants your pet to remain happy and healthy, and we explain the importance of wellness care and what these visits involve. Why is wellness [...]

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What Every Cat Owner Needs to Know About Feline Arthritis

Despite their domesticity, cats still possess a great deal of mystery. Their independent nature—sometimes to the point of aloofness—makes them fascinating companions for the 45.3 million U.S. households that felines currently occupy. However, a cat’s natural inclination toward secretive behavior also puts them at risk. As part of their instinctive desire to protect themselves by [...]

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Does My Pet Have Arthritis?

If your pet is spending more time sleeping, lagging on walks, or losing interest in activities they once enjoyed, you may wonder whether your furry pal is simply slowing down as they age, or if they have developed a health condition. While many health problems affect aging pets, the most common ailment is arthritis. To [...]

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Talking Turkey and Other Holiday Hazards: 5 Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Pet

Grocery store shelves filled with all things pumpkin and stuffing let us know that the biggest meal of the year is almost here. Family gatherings and marathon cooking sessions would not be complete without including your four-legged companion in the festivities. However, don’t let your holiday plans become sidelined by nosy whiskers and curious paws. [...]

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Garfield and Friends’ Take on Pet Obesity

Garfield is the quintessential fat cat, but his fluffy physique puts him at risk for several serious health complications. Pet obesity is common in the United States, with family veterinarians considering more than half their pet patients as overweight or obese. This is not surprising, since most pets portrayed in the media are overweight, so [...]

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A Guide to Dog Diarrhea

Dogs have sensitive gastrointestinal tracts, and benign issues, such as a minor dietary indiscretion, can cause diarrhea, as well as more serious issues. Our team at Palm City Animal Medical Center wants to help by providing information about what causes diarrhea in dogs and when you should be concerned. Dog diarrhea causes Four major mechanisms [...]

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A Guide to Pet Allergies

Your pet’s immune system typically works to protect them against infection and disease. However, the immune system can be sensitized to a substance, resulting in an overreaction. Most allergic reactions occur when allergen protein molecules combine with antibodies in the blood and attach to mast cells, which are found in many tissues throughout the body. [...]

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