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Palm City Animal Medical Center: Providing the Gold Standard of Veterinary Care

You may have seen stickers, business cards, and posts on Facebook about a mysterious organization called “AAHA.” The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is the only organization that accredits companion animal veterinary practices in the U.S. and Canada, allowing clinics to achieve AAHA-accreditation status only after adhering to strict guidelines. Unlike human hospitals, animal hospitals [...]

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6 Myths About Pet Nutrition

Wandering through the food aisles of a pet store can be an overwhelming experience. Grain free! Whole grain! All natural! Organic! Raw! Premium! Fresh! The terms scream at you from pet food packaging labels in every direction and have you so confused that you grab a bag that costs more than your cable bill, hoping [...]

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Subtle Signs of Pain in Pets

Like humans, pain in pets can stem from a number of causes: arthritis, cancer, dental issues, urinary tract infections, bone disease… the list goes on. Unlike humans, our pets can’t tell us when they hurt. As a pet owner, you are in the best position to advocate for your companion’s health. Signs of pain in [...]

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Prostate Problems

The prostate is a small gland located near the urinary bladder of male dogs and produces some of the fluids found in semen necessary during breeding. It surrounds the urethra which carries urine from the bladder to the outside world and lays beneath the colon. This is why prostatic disease will often result in problems [...]

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Top 4 Reasons to Get Your Pet’s Teeth Cleaned

Do dogs and cats really need their teeth professionally cleaned? The answer is absolutely yes! Animals develop tartar and plaque on their teeth just like we do. This tartar and plaque is formed by food particles and bacteria. The bacteria spreads to the gums and causes inflammation which is called gingivitis. As the bacteria spread [...]

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How Microchipping Can Reunite Lost Pets and Their Owners

Seeing your pet bolt through an open door is terrifying, especially if he isn’t wearing a collar or identification tags. But even with identification tags, which can fall off or be removed, many pets who become lost are never reunited with their owners. Microchips can help.   What is microchipping? Microchipping provides a permanent identification [...]

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What is Leptospirosis? Leptospirosis is an infectious disease that can affect humans and animals, including dogs and, rarely, cats. Leptospirosis is caused by the bacteria, Leptospira, which is classified into subtypes called serovars. Currently, over 200 serovars of Leptospira have been named. How is Leptospirosis spread? Leptospirosis is most commonly spread through the urine of infected animals. [...]

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Don’t Pee on That! Minding Your P’s and Q’s When You Bring Your Dog to Work

You can’t take another day of your pampered pooch whimpering as you leave her behind. She’s your baby! As you drive away feeling broken-hearted, you decide that today is the day you’ll talk to your boss about the possibility of bringing your dog to work. But, before your pup applies for the office assistant position, [...]

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Heatstroke in Pets: Recognizing it, Preventing it, Treating it

Heatstroke occurs when an animal’s body overheats due to hot, humid weather conditions (environmental heatstroke) or due to strenuous physical activity (exertional heatstroke). Florida’s high summer temperatures and high humidity are the biggest risk factors for heatstroke in our area, but certain activities such as exercising your pet when it is hot, leaving them in [...]

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