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Help Your Pet Beat The Summer Heat

Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors with your pet, sharing good times and adventures. But, a day of fun in the sun can quickly take a dangerous turn if you or your pet become overheated, so you should closely monitor them during any outdoor summer excursion. Our Palm City Animal Medical Center team [...]

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A Guide to Dog Diarrhea

Dogs have sensitive gastrointestinal tracts, and benign issues, such as a minor dietary indiscretion, can cause diarrhea, as well as more serious issues. Our team at Palm City Animal Medical Center wants to help by providing information about what causes diarrhea in dogs and when you should be concerned. Dog diarrhea causes Four major mechanisms [...]

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A Guide to Pet Allergies

Your pet’s immune system typically works to protect them against infection and disease. However, the immune system can be sensitized to a substance, resulting in an overreaction. Most allergic reactions occur when allergen protein molecules combine with antibodies in the blood and attach to mast cells, which are found in many tissues throughout the body. [...]

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Heartworm Disease And Your Pet

Mosquitoes are nasty pests—they buzz in our ears, produce itchy bites, and can ruin a lovely evening outdoors. What’s worse, mosquitoes can transmit dangerous and life-threatening heartworm infections to our pets. The good news, however, is that heartworm infection and disease is easily and affordably preventable. April is National Heartworm Awareness Month, so your Palm [...]

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Household Dangers: 5 Common Pet Toxicities

Pets can be mischievous creatures, and some have a talent for getting into trouble. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) receives hundreds of thousands of calls each year from veterinarians and pet owners looking for help managing pet poisonings. Many common household items can be toxic to pets, and you may be surprised how [...]

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How to Have a Pet-Inclusive Holiday

Is that a sleigh bell’s jingle, or simply your pet scratching an itch? If you’re worried about your dog or cat ruining the holiday magic this season, you can keep your pet out of harm’s way without making them miss all the fun. Check out Palm City Animal Medical Center’s helpful guide for a pet-safe [...]

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5 Reasons Your Pet Will Be Thankful on Turkey Day

Your friends and family are gathered, and wonderful aromas are coming from the kitchen. Thanksgiving is a special time to enjoy good food and fellowship, but the festivities provide many harmful opportunities for your pet. Our team at Palm City Animal Medical Center offers advice, to help ensure your pet stays safe on turkey day. [...]

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Move it, Move it—Safe Exercise for Pet Weight Loss

Over half of U.S. pets are overweight, making obesity the most commonly diagnosed pet disease nationwide. Following that trend is an increase in weight-related health conditions, and a decrease in life expectancy of nearly two-and-a-half years. Unfortunately, some pet owners find visible weight changes hard to detect, which delays diagnosis and treatment until the pet [...]

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