How to Have a Pet-Inclusive Holiday

Is that a sleigh bell’s jingle, or simply your pet scratching an itch? If you’re worried about your dog or cat ruining the holiday magic this season, you can keep your pet out of harm’s way without making them miss all the fun. Check out Palm City Animal Medical Center’s helpful guide for a pet-safe [...]

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5 Reasons Your Pet Will Be Thankful on Turkey Day

Your friends and family are gathered, and wonderful aromas are coming from the kitchen. Thanksgiving is a special time to enjoy good food and fellowship, but the festivities provide many harmful opportunities for your pet. Our team at Palm City Animal Medical Center offers advice, to help ensure your pet stays safe on turkey day. [...]

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Move it, Move it—Safe Exercise for Pet Weight Loss

Over half of U.S. pets are overweight, making obesity the most commonly diagnosed pet disease nationwide. Following that trend is an increase in weight-related health conditions, and a decrease in life expectancy of nearly two-and-a-half years. Unfortunately, some pet owners find visible weight changes hard to detect, which delays diagnosis and treatment until the pet [...]

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Prioritize Your Pet When Preparing For Hurricane Season

Hurricane preparedness is nothing new for Florida residents. However, pet owners have additional responsibilities during hurricane season (i.e., June through November.) Use the following tips from Palm City Animal Medical Center to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort before, during, and after a weather emergency. Before the storm—prepare with your pet in mind Don’t wait [...]

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A Dangerous Spiral—Leptospirosis in Dogs

Leptospirosis loves Florida, but this spiral-shaped bacterium is no sightseeing tourist on holiday. Instead, it is a widespread zoonotic disease and an ever-present health risk to you and your dog. Palm City Animal Medical Center wants you to understand and recognize this often overlooked threat. Leptospirosis in dogs Leptospira is a genus (i.e., group) of [...]

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July Fourth Festivities—Painful to Your Pet’s Ears

Your pet’s ears are about four times as sensitive as yours. Pets also can independently control their ears to direct them toward sounds for better reception. So, while you are admiring the impressive fireworks display, your pet may be overwhelmed by the excessively loud, sudden noises, and upset because they cannot identify exactly where the [...]

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My Pet Has That Itchy Twitchy Feeling

Your pet has always been fastidious about keeping their coat well-groomed, but lately, the grooming seems uncontrollable. Your pet must be attempting to adjust every hair on their body at once. Does your pet have a compulsive disorder? The team at Palm City Animal Hospital wants to set your mind at ease by educating you [...]

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Fact or Fiction? Test Your Heartworm Disease Knowledge

Although heartworm disease is a year-round problem, April is designated Heartworm Awareness Month, to draw attention to this dangerous parasitic infection. You have no doubt heard our Palm City Animal Medical Center team talk about the dangers of heartworm disease, but how much do you really know? Unfortunately, misinformation spreads like wildfire, and many pet [...]

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