Is That a Problem? Signs Your Pet Needs a Veterinarian

Knowing exactly when your pet needs veterinary attention is a difficult judgment, as most cats and dogs are excellent at hiding illness and pain. However, keeping an eye out for subtle differences can help you recognize that your pet has a problem. To decide if your four-legged friend needs expert veterinary care, refer to this [...]

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Keep Pets Cool in Rising Summer Temperatures

Florida residents are fortunate and enjoy year-round sunshine and warmth, although the higher summer temperatures can sometimes be intolerable. Well-adapted pets can handle the heat better than pets in other areas of the country, but they can still fall victim to heatstroke, a deadly condition that only 50% to 80% of pets survive. The Palm [...]

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July Fourth Pet Safety FAQs

You may look forward to celebrating July Fourth, anticipating a day filled with barbecues, parades, and fireworks. However, your pet may not share your excitement. The loud noises, crowds, and commotion can be overwhelming, and potentially dangerous for pets. To help ensure you know how to keep your furry friend safe and happy this Independence [...]

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3 Itchy Pet Cases

Constant itching can make your pet miserable, but they cannot be treated appropriately until the cause is identified. Uncontrolled itching is a common complaint in pets seen by veterinarians, with every case different and requiring an individualized treatment strategy. Our Palm City Animal Medical Center team frequently sees itchy pets in our practice, and we [...]

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8 Facts About Heartworm Disease and Prevention in Pets

Heartworm disease is a potentially fatal but preventable condition. When your veterinarian examines your pet—regardless of the reason—they will likely ask you whether you are consistently administering your four-legged friend’s heartworm preventives and when they had their last heartworm test. Unfortunately, some pet owners underestimate this disease’s seriousness and prevalence, and fail to administer their [...]

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The Importance of Wellness Care for Pets

To establish your pet’s normal baseline health levels and detect conditions in their early stages—when they are easier to manage—veterinary wellness visits are necessary. Our Palm City Animal Medical Center team wants your pet to remain happy and healthy, and we explain the importance of wellness care and what these visits involve. Why is wellness [...]

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What Every Cat Owner Needs to Know About Feline Arthritis

Despite their domesticity, cats still possess a great deal of mystery. Their independent nature—sometimes to the point of aloofness—makes them fascinating companions for the 45.3 million U.S. households that felines currently occupy. However, a cat’s natural inclination toward secretive behavior also puts them at risk. As part of their instinctive desire to protect themselves by [...]

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