Fact or Fiction? Test Your Heartworm Disease Knowledge

Although heartworm disease is a year-round problem, April is designated Heartworm Awareness Month, to draw attention to this dangerous parasitic infection. You have no doubt heard our Palm City Animal Medical Center team talk about the dangers of heartworm disease, but how much do you really know? Unfortunately, misinformation spreads like wildfire, and many pet [...]

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Preventive Care 101: Importance of Regular Wellness and Prevention for Your Pet

Our four-legged companions are family and fill our lives with wagging tales, cozy purrs, and slobbery kisses. Research has shown that spending time with an energetic pup or a frisky feline improves your overall quality of life and wellness. However, sharing your home with a pet is more than filling their food bowl and walking [...]

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Taking the Mystery Out of Dog Training

Developing good behavior in our dog companions means teaching them in a way they can understand. In her book How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves, Dr. Sophia Yin says changing your dog’s behavior requires good timing, clear and consistent expectations, and the correct rate of reinforcement. These rules make you predictable, reliable, and trustworthy [...]

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Top 10 Tips For A Safe Pets-Giving

Holiday season is here, and although celebrations may look a little different this year, including pets in the festivities is always a comforting tradition. However, tempting turkey smells and hot pumpkin pies fresh from the oven are difficult for humans and pets to resist, and while pre-meal tasting may do no more than ruin your [...]

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Helping Your Pudgy Pet Lose Those Pounds

According to a Pet Obesity Prevention Survey, approximately 60% of pets are overweight in the U.S., making it the most common preventable health problem. Overweight pets face challenges with their health, mobility, and longevity. At Palm City Animal Medical Center, our team can work with you to develop a weight management plan specifically for your [...]

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Vaccinations: Your Pet’s Protective Bubble

Regular vaccinations are an important part of your pet’s care. Physical barriers to disease are difficult to achieve, but a vaccination is a relatively simple, but effective, method of preventing infection by surrounding your pet with a “bubble” of protection, and decreasing their risk for many serious and potentially fatal health problems. Below, Sassy the [...]

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5 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs Regular Veterinary Care

Routine, non-emergency veterinary care is essential for our feline friends’ overall health. But why? We should visit our doctors routinely for check-ups and diagnostic testing, and our pets deserve the same treatment. If you’ve ever wondered why your cat requires regular preventive care, consider the following five reasons. Then, contact Palm City Animal Medical Center, [...]

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Florida Summer Safety for Your Pet

As Floridians, we live in a relatively warm climate, and are lucky to have so many beaches to enjoy. During the summer months, it seems only right to take your pet to the beach. How do you ensure a summer trip to the beach together is safe? Let’s find out.  UV-rays, meet skin—of people and [...]

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