The Resort at Palm City

World-class boarding, daycare, and grooming for dogs and cats.

Standard & Luxury Boarding

One Month Old Terrier Mix Puppy Sleeping in Bed with Favorite Toy
We’re all guilty of referring to our pets as “our children” from time to time. But, unlike children, these members of your family are not always family on vacation or during your travels. We also understand the anxiety that can be coupled with leaving your pet behind. Keep in mind that your travel time gives us the opportunity to treat your pets like our own – we’ll feed them, nurture them and give them ample attention. Our highly qualified kennel attendants do what you would do when you can't be there. We provide tender loving care to all of our guests and offer outdoor playtime to keep them happy and active until you return home.

All of us at PCAMC are excited about the expansion and improvements in our boarding services we currently offer. Dr. Sentell really enjoyed planning this particular part of the new hospital, visualizing how he could create something unique and aiming for a memorable, one-of-a-kind luxury atmosphere for pets who stay with us while their owners are away for a few days or weeks. The result is something special and our clients are thrilled when they see what we’ve created for their pets.

Our pampered pets have large suites with windows, a TV screen, and room to romp. They have play areas (indoors and outdoors) and the outdoor area has a special ground cover that pets enjoy – even when it’s wet. They’ll also enjoy special toys, fancy bedding with great mattresses and fabric covers, a fountain (did you know that the sound of running water soothes pets?), and a designated prep area where their meals are made by staff to each pet’s specifications and dietary needs.

Each of the 12 luxury suites has a theme – Key West, Charleston, San Francisco, Santa Fe, and so forth – with large, colorful murals to make the spaces bright and cheerful. Special cameras enable you to go online to see for yourself how your pet is faring. While they’re boarding with us, you’ll have the option of adding other services for them, too, including bathing, grooming, rehab services, and walks among other things. Best of all, our doctors are on hand in case your pet has any medical needs while you are away.

If you're interested, we invite you to call or email us to book a reservation for your pet. Then, prepare to enjoy your own time away worry-free, knowing that your dog, cat or exotic pet is going to be in the best of hands. And feel free to let us know if you have any questions about our boarding and grooming services. We will be pleased to tell you more about them.

Grooming & Hygienic Care

Horizontal portrait of one dog of poodle breed with long red hair standing outdoors on green grass on summer sunny day
Grooming is not simply a cosmetic luxury for your pets, rather it aids in maintaining good hygiene and keeping your animal comfortable for the warmer weather here on the Treasure Coast and South Florida. Proper grooming is a way to ensure that your pet is healthy, inside and out. Through our grooming division at Snips & Snoozes, we offer a full range of services including bathing, hair brushing and removal, nail trimming and ear cleaning.

In addition to professional grooming services, some breeds require attention at home on a daily or weekly basis. One of the simplest ways to care for your pet is to brush them, which removes dead hair and skin. For cats, which groom themselves daily, it is just as important to brush them weekly, as this will prevent hairballs and aid in their overall health.

As with any treatment, each animal will require individual attention and our specialists can provide you with tips to maintain grooming habits for your pets. If you have questions, please call and ask for Patti or Veronica. They will be pleased to receive your call!

Its a great spa day for your furry family member!

Sandy Paws Day Spa

Sandy Paws Day Spa is our brand new, state-of-the-art day care facility that’s built specifically for your dog’s enjoyment, stimulation, and safety. We opened The Spa on February 13, 2017 and offer Doggie Day care Monday through Saturday. We have multiple indoor and outdoor play areas, and your dog will be specifically matched to their own social group built for the best experience possible. They are always supervised, can take a relaxing dip in our swimming pool, lounge under our shaded Tiki huts or trees, and get plenty of play and affection from other dogs and our staff. Trust us, you both will love it!

Just give us a call to ask us any questions or book your stay!

Private parties are available!

We are located right next door to Palm City Animal Medical Center.